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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Body

POV: you want to get in shape and get the body you've always wanted but you don't know where to start; you don't like to exercise; you hate vegetables & eating healthy; you don't have time, or one/all of the above. If you're experiencing any of these common variables that make losing weight difficult, read along friend. This post is all about changing that mindset, starting with daily behaviors, to help you not only start your health journey, but stay on it.

Overview of Blog:

  • Common Limiting Beliefs to Exercise

  • Mindset in Exercise

  • Conquering your limiting belief

  • Weight-loss solutions offered by The Lotus

Common Limiting Beliefs to Exercise

Before starting my health journey (notice how we're calling it health journey instead of weight-loss journey), I was constantly being torn down by my own mind. No one was telling me I needed to lose weight or get healthy, I was telling myself I wasn't worthy of anything because I was overweight. This grew into having a negative connotation about exercising. I thought about how long it would take for me to get the body I wanted, or how much work it'd be, or how there are so many pretty women with pretty bodies, why should I bother?

These negative thoughts you endure from your own head are 1. false, and 2. they are holding you back from your best self.

Other limiting beliefs:

  • My body hurts, therefor I can't work out

  • I don't have time to go to the gym

  • Eating healthy is expensive

  • I don't enjoy exercise

Your Perspective is Your Reality

Have you ever heard the phrase "your perspective is your reality"? Well if not you've heard it now. Let me explain, the way you think about things is the way you feel.

An example that we've all been through is sitting in traffic. Most people get so frustrated, some to the point where it ruins their day. These people look at traffic as a waste of time, gas, and energy, thus having a negative outlook on something you will most likely experience every day.

So say you chose to look at traffic in a positive light instead. Stay with me here, say you look at traffic as a way to listen to your favorite podcast, or have a therapeutic jam session with yourself. Traffic then becomes looked at as an opportunity rather than a waste of time. When this happens, that negative mood you used to experience evaporates and a positive mood takes it's place.

Changing your outlook on something can be done for just about anything in your life, you are the creator of your reality. You can make it anything you want, so why don't you?

Mindset in Exercise

Take a limiting belief, for example. One of the most common things people struggle with is the enjoyment of exercise. You might hate running and cardio, but there are so many other ways to exercise. Take a moment to think about your body, your temple, that allows you to do the things you love. Now think about how you're treating it. Eating highly processed foods every day, laying on the couch watching TV, smoking, drinking every weekend, staying up until 4am somedays.

When I took a moment to really think about this, I started to feel bad for my body. I needed a change so that I can live longer, experience more, be less tired, be able to keep up with the younger people in my family. When you have this change of perspective, that, my friends, is how you start and keep up with your health journey.

Instead of not wanting to go to the gym, choose to invest in your body.

Instead of being "too tired", choose to hype yourself up and drink an energy drink, maybe go to bed an hour earlier when you can.

Instead of hating your body, choose to think of it as a work in progress.

Instead of not having enough time, choose to make time for this. Choose to think of it as important, a priority.

And finally, do not be too hard on yourself. Growth is not linear.

Just by changing the way we think about things, our mind will be more open to doing them.

Conquering Your Limiting Belief

We're going to take the limiting beliefs from above and put a positive spin on it.

  • It will take so long to get the body I want: The future will come no matter what, why not be farther along in your health journey when it does?

  • It's going to take so much work: Find something you LIKE to do as exercise. For me, it was weight lifting. For others it might be swimming, or running, or walking your dogs, or a Body Combat class at Gold's Gym. Then, it will feel less daunting and a little more like fun.

  • So many people have already done it, why bother?: Because this isn't about anyone else. This is about what you want for you and your life. Think of them as inspiration and flip the negative into a positive. Be proud of them, so you can be proud of you.

  • My body hurts: Most of the time, this is because of a sedentary lifestyle. Other than medical problems, your body can hurt because you don't move it. Hip pain? Stretch and squat. Knee pain? Strengthen the muscles around it to help with mobility. Back pain? Stretch it, buy a foam roller and roll it out every day. The more we move, the easier it is to move.

  • Eating healthy is expensive: Go download Tik Tok right now and search for cheap and yummy meal preps. Or just search online for healthy recipes that don't make you miss Whataburger.

If you're struggling, change your perspective on what's making life hard. If you're angry all the time, find out whats bothering you and change your perspective. If you're tearing yourself down, change your perspective on what you don't like. You got this, we believe in you. <3

Weight loss solutions offered by The Lotus:

  • B12/LipoBC injections, helps kick start your metabolism.

  • Purium products sold through The Lotus. Raw, organic greens, protein, fiber, fruits, and other superfoods. These products are a clean, safe and effective way to transform your habits as well as your body. Having the correct serving of protein and vegetables is a GAME CHANGER. Do it. Do it now.

  • We can reduce areas of stubborn fat with procedures like RF Microneedling and medications like Kybella.

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