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Bloom: Expanding the "Wellness" in Aesthetics and Wellness

We have exciting news to share!! The Lotus is expanding our wellness section to include new wellness services and one of the most amazing people we have ever had the pleasure to meet. This blog will dive into the background of this beautiful human, what she offers, and what it will mean for The Lotus. We can't wait for you to experience inner peace like nothing before. Read on!

Christie Bloom

The one and only. Christie was born in Calgary, Canada and raised in a tiny town bordering Kananaskis called Bragg Creek where she initially found her calling of Yoga and Wellness. Prior to owning and operating 3 yoga studios, Christie managed a wellness institute in Canada for 9 years. In total, she has been in the Wellness Industry for 20 years!

Here is a snipet from Christie about her and how she found her passion: "I have often felt like an outsider, an out-cast, a black sheep growing up. I felt different, and in the beginning I thought that was bad. I wanted to fit in and be like the others. I slowly began discovering other ways of feeling happy, healthy, successful, well. These ways became transformational and my perspective started shifting from not fitting in to being the game changer. Embracing my practices of movement and awareness to feel complete, satisfied, healthy and much more has elevated my life to a place I know most only dream of....I know this because it is what I hear so much from friends, family, and clients. I am living it and I love showing others how they can to".

While serving her clients in Canada, she put herself through various courses and trainings in order to be able to offer more to those around her. She recently made the move to Helotes, Texas in August of 2022, bringing her Wellness Company with her called Bloom Yoga Wellness.


Along with the certifications below, Christie is a 3x Yoga Studio Owner and Recipient of MindBody Online's Visionary Award 2018; a Wellness Industry Team Talent and Culture Lead; Corporate Wellness Speaker/Presenter; a Retreat Wellness Contributor, and a mother of 4.

  • Registered Massage Therapist for over 20 years

  • Experienced Registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher

  • Certified Breath Therapist

  • Certified HeartMath Mentor

  • Raindrop Therapist (Aromatherapy Massage Technique)

Fun Facts About Christie

Because why not? If you choose to utilize her services, we hope you feel your most comfortable and vulnerable to experience the most out of them.

  • Certified Snowboarding Instructor

  • Loves running, especially trail running

  • She has 4 kids, ages 5-17 years

  • Big hockey fan (go Flames go!), and F1 fan

  • Not big on TV or movies but will always watch True Crime or Hallmark movies

  • Favorite band: Pearl Jam

  • She loves hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and camping

Bloom Yoga Wellness

Bloom is an online, mobile, (and now at The Lotus) Yoga Wellness experience designed to help you live your most best life through Yoga, Meditation, Massage Therapy, and more.

The Bloom Philosophy:

Yoga is the antidote to a life that feels like it is spinning out of control, a body that is in pain, a mind that feels scattered, overwhelmed or reaches for distractions. Small changes lead to big results and compound into a reality you want to live and feel. I teach simple yet effective ways to take back control of your day and your life. Applying the right techniques with consistency will change your life and in less time than you may think.

Bloom Core Values:
  • Authenticity: I live what I teach

  • Empowerment: I believe in always controlling your own power

  • Playfulness: Life should not feel so serious, you should feel joy each day

  • Achievement: My teaching must offer you results

  • Inclusivity: This is an opportunity for everyone, and you will always feel welcome

Bloom Mission Statement:

To teach you something that will improve your life.

Christie's Big "Why":

To make yoga accessible and attainable to all. To show you how yoga can work for you. My approach will meet you where you’re at and guide you where you want to go. My mission is to teach you something that will improve your life.

The Lotus and Bloom Integration

The Lotus Aesthetics and Wellness is expanding the Wellness Division to include more services from Christie! The purpose of adding new wellness services is to offer more to our wonderful clients. Our goal is for you to not only look your most beautiful, but to truly feel it too, because you darn well deserve it!

Here are a few of the new services we will be offering and the description for each:

  • Complimentary Consultation: Free 15 minute phone call to discuss life concerns, questions, and services.

  • Private Wellness Session: You start with your ultimate wellness goal and work backward from there…whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health. Christie will create a doable program for transformation customized around your busy life. Designed specifically for you!

  • "Yogage": A combination of massage and yoga infused with essential oils to feel the most relaxed and rejuvenated you’ve ever felt. Be transported to a place of serene peace and calm. Melt into a state of deep physical and mental awareness and tension release during this dynamic sequencing and intuitive touch session.

  • Upcoming Online Workshop: Mediation and Manifestation | November 15th, 2022: Learn evidence-based ways to turn your dreams into your reality.

  • Upcoming Online Challenge: 21 Day Transformation Challenge | October 22nd, 2022: These are short daily asana, meditations or breath practice, to weave into your day. They are designed for maximum results with minimum time needed. Great for beginners or those wanting to reset. Purchase the program and apply the amount to your first Private Wellness Session.

Final Thoughts

We hope you are excited to experience all that Bloom Yoga Wellness has to offer. The Lotus welcomes you to partake in wellness services that will empower, lift, and teach you about yourself and how to achieve your inner happiness. If you'd like to book with Christie, please use the contact information below to get in touch with her.

"We cannot control the uncontrollable, the best strategy is learning to go within and be conscious of our subconscious…..listen to what our body is telling us, often, something as simple and childlike as laughter may pave the way to releasing emotions and experiencing the joy sometimes buried underneath." - Christie Bloom

Bloom Yoga Wellness



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